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A country's constitution belongs to its people. It's theirs to know and to protect. Therefore, we invite you to share your ideas, concerns and questions with us. We also encourage you to use this networking page to inform yourself and get involved in the many institutions that support our democracy.

The Cayman Islands Constitution

Constitutional Institutions:

  • The Information Commissioner’s Office is an independent entity responsible for monitoring compliance with the FOI Law. Individuals denied access or who believe their request was mishandled may appeal the matter to the Commissioner, who has the authority to review the matter, make all findings of fact and law, and issue a binding decision. The Commissioner is also responsible for promoting general awareness of the FOI Law, the public’s rights and the obligations of government under the Law.
  • Human Rights Commission: Established under section 116 of the 2009 Constitution, it replaces the Human Rights Committee. Appointed by His Excellency, the Governor, members are appointed for renewable terms of between two to four years, with members serving for different periods, so new appointments or re-appointments can take place in a staggered fashion.
  • Judicial and Legal Services Commission: The Judicial and Legal Services Commission was established under Section 105 of the Constitution and is comprised of Dan Scott (Chairman), Dara Flowers-Burke, Sir John Chadwick, Richard Coles, Richard Ground, OBE, Charles Jennings, Sir David Simmons, and Justice Edward Zacca, JA, OJ. As in accordance with the Constitution the power to make appointments to various judicial offices, and to remove and to exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in such offices, shall vest in the Governor, in accordance with the advice of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission.  Phone: 244-3685; Fax: 945-8649; P.O. Box 391 KY1-1106; E-mail:; FOI requests:
  • Commission for Standards in Public Life: The Commission for Standards in Public Life was established under sections 117 and 121 of the Constitution and is comprised of: Mrs. Karin Thompson (Chair), Mr. Roy McTaggart, Pastor Winston Rose, Mrs. Nyda-Mae Flatley, and Mr. Hedley Robinson. Its overall function is to promote “the highest standards of integrity and competence in public life in order to ensure the prevention of corruption or conflicts of interest.” Phone: 244-3685; Fax: 945-8649; P.O. Box 391 KY1-1106; E-mail:; FOI requests:
  • Cabinet Office: The Cabinet Office functions as a coordinating unit which brings together Government ministries, departments and units for seamless policy intergration and implementation. 

Local Non-Governmental Organisations:

Regional and International Institutions: