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Constitution Day Message

Tue, 2012-07-03 10:44

Constitution Day Message

Cayman Islands Constitutional Commission

As the principal law of the country, the importance of the Constitution Order and its impact on our daily lives cannot be understated. It is the foundation of our nation, the framework for our government, and an instrument of protection for our rights and freedoms.   For this reason the Constitutional Commission takes this opportunity to remind you that the constitution provides us with numerous reasons to celebrate. For example, the constitution delimits the power of the government and establishes the rule of law. Moreover, it protects against unjustified and inappropriate encroachment on individuals’ rights by the government. Additionally, the constitution preserves the political institution’s integrity against political whim. Last, but not least, the constitution upholds the cultural and socio-political ideals, principles, and values of our community.

Today bears much significance to all of us in the Cayman Islands.  Constitution Day highlights our collective efforts and desire to live and work together as a diverse yet unified nation. In this sense we should all strive to embrace and demonstrate social responsibility.  In light of the uncertainties that continue to plague countries around world, I encourage you to pause and reflect on the fact that we live in a nation that ultimately respects, promotes, and upholds the values of life and liberty. The Constitutional Commission is very proud of the country’s constitutional accomplishments over the course of history and we commit to fulfilling our constitutional mandate as we move forward.

The Constitutional Commission is frequently described as a think-tank with responsibility for advising the Government on constitutional matters. However, we welcome enquiries and general feedback from the public, which can be directed through the Commissions Secretariat located in Cayman Corporate Centre.  Or, to learn more about the Constitutional Commission visit our website