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New Chairman and Member Appointed

Wed, 2012-06-20 11:54

His Excellency the Governor Mr. Duncan Taylor, CBE is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Jude Scott and Miss Sara Collins to the Constitutional Commission.  Mr. Scott has been appointed Chairman of the Constitutional Commission and Miss Collins as a member. Member Wil Pineau will continue to serve alongside the new appointees. 

This is the first time new appointments have been made to any of the constitutionally created commissions since the implementation of the 2009 Constitution Order. Former Chairman Pastor Al Ebanks regrettably passed away last year and former member Mrs. Julene Banks has completed her two year term on the Commission in December 2011.  His Excellency the Governor takes this opportunity to publically thank Mrs Banks for the enthusiasm and hard work she brought to the Commission during her two year appointment.
This three-person Commission was established under Section 118 of the 2009 Constitution and has a three-fold remit of advising government on questions concerning constitutional status and development; promoting public understanding and awareness of the constitution and its values, and publishing reports, papers and other documents on any constitutional matters affecting the Cayman Islands. In broad terms, this Commission may be said to combine the functions of an advisory body with those of a think tank on constitutional matters.
“I am pleased that both Jude and Sara have accepted these very important appointments. The Constitutional Commission plays an important role in our democracy and I am confident that these new members will work together with Member Wil Pineau to continue to educate the people of the Cayman Islands on the 2009 Constitution” said His Excellency the Governor.
Mr. Jude Scott is the current Global Chief Executive Officer of Maples and Calder, a post he has held since 1 February, 2011. Previously an audit partner at the Cayman Islands office of Ernst & Young, Scott retired in 2008 after spending over 23 years with firm, specialising in the audits of investment funds, investment companies, banks and insurance companies. Mr. Scott has served on various Cayman Islands Government and private sector boards and committees, including the Cayman Islands Society of Professional Accountants, the Cayman Islands Financial Services Council, Cayman Airways, Cayman National Corporation, the Ministerial Council for Tourism, the Education Council, the Insolvency Rules Committee and the Stock Exchange.
Miss Sara Collins is a former partner of Conyers Dill & Pearman in the Cayman Islands. A graduate of the London School of Economics she was admitted as a barrister of England & Wales as well as an attorney at law in the Cayman Islands; though she is not currently practising in either jurisdiction.
For more information on the Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009 or the Constitutional Commission e-mail or call 244-3685 or fax 945-8649.