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excerpt from the Preamble

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Letter to the Governor

The role of the Constitutional Commission

Letter to the Premier

In response to the LA Address on 17 March 2011.

Suggested Sections of the 2009 Constitution for Review

On 14 October 2014 the Constitutional Commission sent the following letter to Her Excellency the Governor, the Honourable Premier, the Honourable Leader of the Opposition and the Joint Team Leader of the Overseas Territory Directorate in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

"Following on from our previous correspondence, the Constitutional Commission wishes to take this opportunity to inform you that it has completed its review of the Constitution by examining it section by section.  In addition, while it has not engaged in a public consultation on the subject the Commission has included comments received from various other parties.

During its review the Commission identified several sections which are sufficiently important to warrant being considered for amendment. There are various reasons for the identification of these sections, including, without limitation, ambiguity or uncertainty. The sections detailed on the attached table are those the Commission believes are capable of being dealt with without the need for a referendum and it wishes to make it clear that the review was carried out on a limited basis only and not for the purpose of considering any form of Constitutional advancement at this time or to propose amendments it felt could only be achieved via a referendum. 

The Commission fully understands that it is ultimately for the Honourable Premier and the Honourable Leader of the Opposition to determine whether, and if so when, to take this matter forward in accordance with the tenor of the Letter of Entrustment dated 10th June 2009, a copy of which is attached for easy reference.                    

The Commission strongly recommends that the Premier and the Leader of Opposition establish a Committee to consider this matter in further detail and if such a Committee is established the Commission would have no objection to being included in the membership thereof.

In closing the Commission wishes to indicate that it considers the contents contained in the attached to be in the public interest and therefore in one month the Commission shall post these documents on our website “

On 30 October 2014 the Commission became aware that the letter and table was released to the Cayman Compass and as such the Commission informed the other relevant parties that the correspondence would be published to its website, foregoing the one month waiting period it had initially set-out.

Letter from Honourable Leader of the Opposition

Response to the Constitutional Commission's Suggested Areas for Review 27 October 2014

Response to Honourable Leader of the Opposition

Constitutional Commission's Response (dated 24 November 2014) to the Honourable Leader of the Opposition's letter of 27 October 2014.