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excerpt from the Preamble

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2011: 5th Meeting

Opinion on Rights of Civil Servants under the Constitution; Research Paper; UCCI

5th Meeting Minutes - 31-03-11.pdf
2011: 4th Meeting

Public outreach: Ongoing matters.

4th Meeting Minutes - 22-02-11.pdf
2011: 3rd Meeting

Public outreach: Website & educational documents.

3rd Meeting Minutes - 08-02-11.pdf
2011: 2nd Meeting

Constitutional forums and district meetings.

2nd Meeting Minutes - 11-01-11.pdf
2011: 1st Meeting

Selecting an acting chairman; Budget; Public education.

1st Meeting Minutes - 04-01-11.pdf
17th Meeting

Research paper: Governance structure; CEDAW conference, 2011 Calendar; Ed material & webstie.

17th Meeting - 30-11-10.pdf
16th Meeting

Discussion papers; UN Decolonisation Unit; Advisory District Council Bill 2010.

16th Meeting - 09-11-10.pdf
15th Meeting

Communication strategy; Advisory district councils.

15th Meeting - 19-10-10.pdf
14th Meeting

Review first report; Plan press conference.

14th Meeting - 12-10-10.pdf
13th Meeting

First report, website development and UCCI conference.

13th Meeting - 28-09-10.pdf
12th Meeting

Policies & procedures and legislation.

12th Meeting - 07-09-10.pdf
Eleventh Meeting

Request discussion papers on District Advisory Councils and People Initiated Referendums; Educational programme action plan.

11th Meeting - 24-08-10.pdf
Tenth Meeting

Correspondence with external agencies; Identification of legislation referred to in the Constitution.

10th Meeting - 20-07-10.pdf
Ninth Meeting

Feedback on stakeholders' meetings; Commission priorities; Constitutionally required legislation.

9th Meeting - 29-06-10.pdf
Eight Meeting

Commissioners' stipend; Strategic plan; Public education.

8th Meeting - 22-06-10.pdf
Seventh Meeting

UN Committee of 24 on Decolonisation.

7th Meeting - 08-06-10.pdf
Sixth Meeting

Stakeholder's meeting; Constitution Week; Public education.

6th Meeting - 25-05-10.pdf
Fifth Meeting

Comparative review of 2009 Constitutional Order; Meeting with Electoral Commission.

5th Meeting - 27-04-10.pdf
Fourth Meeting

Policies & procedures; Website content; Education initiatives; Ministerial responsibilities.

4th Meeting - 20-04-10.pdf
Third Meeting

Website; Administrative framework; Press briefing.

3rd Meeting - 22-03-10.pdf
Second Meeting

Governance structure; Budget; Administrative framework; External communications.

2nd Meeting - 01-03-10.pdf
First Meeting

Governance structure; Budget; Administrative framework; External communication.

1st Meeting - 08-02-10.pdf